The Loan Process

the loan process
Buying a home can be stressful. But it doesn’t have to be!

Your BREW Team powered by Thrive Mortgage will make your homebuying journey as smooth and straightforward as possible. Our commitment is to not only help you with your loan, but to provide you tools during and after closing that make homeownership easier. We strive to provide an incredible buying experience. Our ultimate goal is to help you with future loans to achieve your financial goals and Build Real Estate Wealth!

How do I get a mortgage?

Start the conversation

This first step is crucial! Schedule a time HERE so we can discuss your short and long-term financial goals & customize a strategy for you.

Complete an application

Start your application HERE so that we can gather as much information as possible to best determine your available home loan options.


At this stage we will share how much you can afford, what your monthly payment will be, and how much money you will need.

Gather documents

This is where we need your help! Submit your income and asset documentation so that your loan will fly through the underwriting process.

Find a home

Once you find a home and the seller accepts your offer, we will order an appraisal and begin processing and underwriting your loan.

Final approval

The underwriter will review the appraisal and all of your documentation to verify you meet all conditions so that you are clear to close.

Closing day

Our in-house closing team works with the title attorney to prepare the final paperwork so that you can close on your new home!

Everything we do throughout the loan process is to ensure that you have a smooth and exciting experience. We want you to enjoy every moment as you receive the keys to your new home!

Check out the Loan Document Checklist