Homeownership is a big part of the American Dream! Your BREW Team expert advisors understand that a mortgage is one of the largest debts that most people will have. We feel it’s our responsibility to help you manage that debt, and the real estate assets attached to it. Real estate is one of the best ways to achieve your financial goals and Build Real Estate Wealth!

These are some of the tools that we provide you, during & after the Loan Process. These will assist you in the path to homeownership!

Homeownership closing guarantee
Closing Guarantee

Today’s buyers need an edge to get their offer accepted over others. The Offer Ready program gives you the advantage, because our team will get you conditionally approved by the underwriter. You’re no longer just pre-approved, you can get an on-time closing guarantee so that your offer stands out to the seller. Our goal is to close on-time, every time!

Homeownership wealth digest
Monthly Wealth Digest

You will get a monthly digest delivered to your email so that you can track the equity and wealth in your home. You’ll be able to see your current home value and the home values in your neighborhood and surrounding market area. You will also get indicators of when you should remodel, refinance, buy and/or sell based on what is happening in the market.

annual financial review
Annual Financial Review

Our team will create a personalized plan to maximize your income and wealth generating ability. Each year we will follow-up and update limited information to ensure you’re on the best path to Build Real Estate Wealth. It also streamlines the process anytime you decide to buy a new home, refinance, make home improvements, or buy an investment property.

Homeownership concierge service
Home Concierge Service

Homeownership means more than just owning your own home. Our concierge service will provide a 300-point inspection that includes every detail of your home, inside and out. The dashboard will send service reminders with interactive links. It also provides access to a live personal assistant to help source vendors if you ever need a repair.

Home2Home program
Home2Home Program

Home2Home is a program that allows you to qualify for a new primary home purchase while your existing primary residence is listed for sale. We will provide you with a short-term 100% purchase-money loan. This loan will convert into a permanent loan once your existing residence is sold. In a competitive market, you can buy now and sell later!

wealth creation experts
Wealth Creation Experts

Our team is partnered with experts in other industries who also focus on the the best strategies to protect your money, family and home. Our team can connect you with a CPA, Attorney, Financial Advisor, Realtor, and Insurance Agent and others to help you leverage their expertise so that you don’t have to spend time and money find the right ones.